Get it done– and put a badge on it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 10.09.33 PMI’m a working mom by nature, a SAHM– notsomuch. So having this much unexpected time off until I connect with my next awesome gig has made for some stir-crazed cleaning, fixing, and general home maintenance while I wait for the AMAZING OFFERS TO FLOOD IN, which I’m sure they will. Right? RIGHT? Right. (Also, an occasional ice cream cone, sans-kiddos.)

Part of that process for me is slowly addressing all the little things that went unfixed, unseen, or unpacked from our move last year. I feel like I’m part-time job-hunter, part-time Rosie the Riveter up in here.

I put the new (more modern) address numbers on our door that had been sitting around for a year. I assembled the wire shelves for the basement (FINALLY) so I could possibly, MAYBE create my own, cute, cozy little crafy-lady-lair down there. I pulled my pre-baby wardrobe out of boxes and hung them up on hangars again (GASP!), in hopes I’ll have a job to wear these cute dresses to again here soon.

And I finally fixed our printer. That thing has been a thorn in my side for MONTHS. That little green blinking light flickering against the wall at night like a reminder of all the failings of my life as I stumbled to the crib each night to shush the baby. It’s weird how fixing something can give you an adrenaline rush. First I will conquer my Epson, THEN THE WORLD! I felt like I seriously needed some sort of reward for that.

Then I saw the selection of adulting badges on ETSY, which I really do think need to be “a thing” for regular people every day. Let’s all wear sashes or vests and parade around town admiring what we’ve all done as we pass one another with a sly smile, shall we?

THESE are my favorites– this one in particular.

Fix YOUR printer? There’s a badge for that.

Feeling like you’re still too childish? Yep.

Watched a whole season of a show on Netflix today? THERE’S A BADGE FOR THAT, TOO.

There’s even some for the moments we might not be so proud of. 

Anyway, my point is this: we all have stuff we’re proud of, and some stuff not so much. But if we were all a little more honest with one another, maybe we’d make the world a little nicer for everyone.



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