An upcycled tribute to Offred.


If this site is about anything, it’s about being bold and blunt. That’s why I’ve loved watching the Handmaid’s Tale over the last few weeks. So to keep my fingers busy during (f)unemployment, I found an old vintage bed sheet and stitched a little tribute to Offred.

I finished it off with a simple silver 4 x 6 frame. The perfect gift for the nasty woman in your life, and now for sale on ETSY!


Sometimes the truth hurts. May as well make it cute.

Being a working mom isn’t easy, but a few f-bombs on a tea towel sure makes it a heck of a lot more fun.

I started The Feral Housewife as an outlet for all my stir-crazy mama thoughts. So it makes sense to sell some of the crafts that I’ve made to keep my fingers busy, too. Click the link above to check out my ETSY store. I’ll update it with new stuff as soon as I can get some fabulously feral new stuff made. ENJOY!